Talking books? Books with personalities? Three eighth grade English textbooks named Red, White and Blue, smuggle themselves into a suitcase belonging to Ms. Anna Neldner, an English teacher. Suddenly the bookpeople find themselves in the heart of the vibrant city of New York. Follow their journey through the USA as they learn how to live life away from a bookshelf. Watch as their curiosity takes them from a poetry slam in the Bronx to an audition in Hollywood. When Blue gets into trouble with the police, Ms. Neldner comes to his aid and he reveals the books’ identities. A holiday for one turns into a holiday for four…

Writen by: Peter Scollin
Director: Anja Scollin
Performers: Liz Erber, Florian Korty, Judith Shoemaker, Joshua Spriggs

Duration: 90 Minutes

Premiered 15th October 2015 at ufaFabrik
7 Performances (as at Jan 2016)


Single person: 8.00
Groups: 8.00
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 6.50
Groups Brandenburg: 7.50

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8th -9th grade
8th -9th grade
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8th -9th grade
bbz (Berliner Lehrerzeitung), 01/16

In Platypus Theater's "Between the Lines" schoolbooks come to life. They look like normal people, they retain their english text book character but they are headstrong and incapable of taking action. They smuggle themselves into a suitcase, secretly follow its owner who actually wants to have a break from books. They do crazy things in a New York Hotel thereby ensuring that the audience is entertained and playfully convey over and over again vocabulary, idioms, figures of speech and information. All in all, a huge amount of Theater fun-utile et dulce-follow the good old tradition of combining the useful with the pleasant.

39-2015 zitty

".. a great opportunity for a reality check which sparks of comedy in Scollins' funny bilingual play..."

Berliner Zeitung, 9.11.2015

To sum up: An entertaining play with a great educational effect.